Some things maturity has taught me

Lifestyle Nov 2, 2020

You know, every single stage of life is beautiful. Growing - up process is hard as hell but it's worth it. It gives us different scars at different phases of our life. In this journey of life, no one has the same experiences. Enjoy yours and sometimes, learn from others.

I have also learned a lot with blood and tears during those years. I sometimes thought that it's too late for those realizations, sometimes thoughts that maybe it's just the right time to prepare for the next steps. Who knows?

Loving, dating, and getting married deserve your serious attention and investment

It’s worth it.

You know, I used to the thought that “career first”, so much that I have never paid enough attention to the dating world. I had several crushes from high school to university but I had never told them or did anything towards my feelings. I chose to ignore it.

So, I started dating very late and had my first kiss at the age of twenty-six to a guy I met through Tinder and all he wanted was a one night stand. I didn't even know about that phrase at the time.

Until recently, all of a sudden, I realize how much knowledge and experience I am missing in that complicated but fun world. I am just so junior and have to learn and experience a lot to be able to spend the rest of my life with the right guy who can support and complete me.

I just know that I don’t want to be single forever.

I also found out that love and marriage have the power to make you more mature, giving you more responsibility and motivation to achieve more in life.

2. No shortcuts to success

Big changes don’t happen overnight. It requires a long - term plan with the right direction, non-stop efforts, discipline with blood - sweat - and - tears works.

You can’t rush but have to build your own value first, consistently gradually until it’s the right time when all your endeavor is paid off.

If there is a shortcut, it won't last long or you’re likely to pay a price one day. The price will be expensive.

3. Saving is not always the best option

But learn how to balance between saving and spending is an art.

Life is too short to always on a saving mode every time you want to buy or enjoy something.

Instead, think and find more ways to earn more, so you can enjoy and experience further in life. Actually, you have never used your a hundred percent effort and ability yet. Keep improving every day.

Saving is okay but learning how to make more money, how to invest wisely, and how to spend properly are even a greater choice.

4. It’s better to live a private life

At some point in life, you notice that keeping and enjoying your relationship, your future plan, or your emotions for yourself is the best thing that can bring you happiness and serenity.

I have observed that the less someone shows off their lives or relationship status on social media, the more that person feels happier in reality.

It’s also true to apply in your daily conversation. If you talk too much about your everything, especially your future and your relationship exceedingly to others, you’re likely to fail in the end.

5. Whatever happens, take care of your health and your appearance first, daily

Whether you’re heartbroken or money - broke, don't forget to eat healthily, exercise daily, and take care of your appearance. And make it a must-to-do habit.

Again, easier said than done.

But for your own sake, you have to learn how to maintain those things because they are the most important part of your life, once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.

6. Think more for your parents

Modern life implies a thought that you should think of yourself, first and foremost, in every single decision you make.

There is a fact that when you get older, you'll see your parents even get a lot older, at a faster speed than yours.

Do what you want for your life but sometimes, take a moment to think of what you can do to make your parents proud and happy cause they won’t live with you forever, something like getting married and having kids for them to play with.

7. Cooking is not that much complicated

Not much into cooking at a young age, I constantly thought that it’s really hard to be able to cook well. I was eating out most of the time.

I don’t remember when I started to cook more often but it was not as complicated and scary as I used to think.

Just start from the simplest dishes until you can play with food in your own imagination.

Last but not least, cooking is actually fun, joyful, and worth.

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