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Style Guide Aug 24, 2020

We use social media not only to talk about ourselves, about our friends, about relationships, and about celebrities, we also use social media to talk about brands: fashion, cosmetics, computers, phones, cars, magazines, ... We love brands and use them as tools to express ourselves - with each like and share on social media we publicly support and say we love those brands: Fendi, The Ordinary, MAC, Samsung, BMW, Vogue, ...

Because we want to express ourselves, many of us choose the latest iPhones to prove that we are stylish or how fast we can catch up with trends. We wear Chanel outfits to show off the style of Chanel (although it may not really match our body shape). We chose Elle magazine because we wanted to trust it? Or do we trust the person who wrote it? And if this magazine has not shown something that makes us trust them, how can we believe that their claims are accurate and objective? Nowadays there is a lot of confusion about information coming from so many people and countless different sources. Isn't it because we believe in the reputation and quality that comes from the magazine's brand? That, how could Elle write something not real?

We associate brands with companies, products, and celebrities. Because brands help us connect people with each other or with a certain lifestyle. But actually, branding is for everyone, not just celebrities, companies, or fashion magazines. You also have your own brand Personal Brand. Personal branding is a means of telling the world who you are and what you are.

We are more than what we post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Medium, ...

If you want to be an influencer you have to be willing to show your true self: you have a passion for something – and that's not the superficial indulgence or momentarily but the obsessive passion.

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What is your personal brand? And if you already know what your brand is? What will you do to build, grow, and maintain your brand?

We build our personal brands through our own experiences, relationships, and people's recognition. The personal branding process takes time and effort.

To get the first step and start building up your brand. What you will do? One medium that you can easily access is Platform personal brand development platform.

You can get started and set up your online profile on sites like:

- Facebook                    

- LinkedIn                    

- Instagram

- Twitter                            

- Medium                      

- Pinterest

- Telegram                        

- WordPress                  

- YouTube

- Mosia

You can also buy a website domain name for your brand. For example, my name is Isabella Duong, my website might be

Building a personal brand means that you are showing yourself to the world: Who are you? What do you believe in? Which brand do you choose? ... To answer those questions, you must understand your own worth as well as discover what makes your own worth. You may recognize it from time to time, but first, you need to know what you are going to attract people to, or influence them and who they are ...

For example, the content I share in About Mosia: a personal brand slogan A personal brand slogan drives almost everything you do. It not only reflects who you are now but also who you want to be:


If you are wondering between multiple personal branding platforms and don't know which one will suit your strategy and experience, you can try a mix of these platforms at the same time. For example, you can start creating profiles on Facebook and Mosia.

Mosia is a support connection platform where users express themselves, and build quality relationships, and become experts in their field through:

- Share and discuss your concern.

- Connect communities.

- Mosia's concert.

Express yourself!


On Mosia each person can transform himself into a true expert through sharing, discussing, and learning. Mosia provides an environment where you use your online time smartly and usefully. Sign up and become a member of Mosia to start sharing today!

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