8 things I wish I knew at age 20

Your Story Dec 15, 2020

I. Personal Finance Management

This is the one concept that I regret not paying enough attention to at the early stage of my life. How to save, spend, and invest money in a way that can benefit me and my future the most.

No matter how much you can make, if you don’t know how to use it wisely or if you just spend it unintentionally, you can’t make much progress in life with your financial status.

A tiny saving daily turns into a big amount after years. Of a successful investment can bring life to another level,…

I sincerely urge you to study about this definition as early as possible to be able to achieve a better life.

II. Real Estate Investment

No matter what you're doing as a day job, it makes a huge difference if you own a property and if you don’t.

You don't need to make a lot of money to be able to pay just to rent an apartment. There are ways in which you can own your own home if you choose and put enough effort into it.

Until you can own real estate, your life will turn into another page with more options and more freedom to pursue your dream or do what you want.

In the long run, real estate is something that can never lose its value but increase. Instead of spending money on things that are likely losing value over time such as luxury cars, shoes or purses,…, you’d better use it for achieving your first property. After you have real estate on your own and a stable income, spending on those luxury and expensive things is never too late.

III. Travel should not be your priority

The current media are encouraging us to travel more than ever, making young people think that travel should be a priority of your life more than anything else.

Of course, travel is great, adding so much value to life but it should never be your priority above all. You should not spend your youth just to travel and show off your adventurous pictures.

I have seen all over social media these days, something like: “you should go when you’re still young, as much as you can because YOLO

I agree that you should travel while you’re young to broaden your mind and nurture your soul. But please, never make it a priority.

Let’s spend youth working hard and creating a career, a life you want because you are the most energetic, healthiest, and free in your twenties. Let’s those trips be a part of this journey, not a priority.

IV. Passion is a kind of “unrealistic” concept

You may have heard at least once “Follow your passion and money will come”. You know, your passion doesn't have to be the one you can earn money from.

Let’s be practical first.

Choose what you can do the best and focus to improve your ability daily for a better life first. Because no matter what you do, there are always certain uncomfortable daily tasks.

When you're financially secure, you have full power to follow your passion. Or you can always pursue the passion in a free time as a way to fill energy.

I wish I could realize it sooner.

V. Life plan is important

I have never thought about something called “LIFE PLAN”, in a realistic and serious way, before.

All I have done was letting the daily flow brings me to wherever it wants. I was constantly floating and wandering during my twenties.

I dreamed of something and wanted to become something but I have never ever sat back and evaluate, research, make a detailed plan, and set a deadline. All I was ever done is just daydreaming without any proper trials and actions.

I didn't have any specific goal in 1 year, 2 years, or in 5 years. I thought it’s too far and too impractical and unachievable to have a life plan for myself.

Of course, I would fail at some points but it’s way better to have a purpose than having nothing at all. Even if it doesn't work, I could still review and adjust frequently. But I didn't.

VI. How to be focused and be patient

I easily get distracted by what I have seen on social media - how happy and successful my network looks like.

I was too much focused on stalking other’s lives that I forget my own.

I didn't notice that people just show their best online and hide their worst offline?

You didn't know how much it takes and how hard it was for them to be able to post such things.

I was doing something for a while, give up, and try something else. And finally, I complain that why I am not good at anything. It was just because I wasn’t patient enough to really focus and put enough time and effort into anything.

VII. I wish I could start dating earlier

I just realized that having a life partner who can support, encourage, and stay by your side is something worth paying attention to.

You first love may or may not be your last one but by meeting different guys/ girls, you can learn what type of partner suit you the most or what kind of life you really want, single life or a relationship.

I used to the thought that I was too young to date or dating is something bad when I was young. I even wrote a detailed article about why I am still single.

Now, when I am just a beginner in the dating world in my late twenties, I realized that I don’t know anything. With more burden and stress from adult life, dating now is much different than it is when I was still free.

VIII. How to sit correctly

I have been sitting a lot since the early of my twenties, sitting during the days and sitting during the nights, continuously. Sometimes, just to read an E-novel without taking a break.

Now, when I am about to turn 30, I have to endure the low back pain, nights, and days.

Please pay attention to your sitting position and stand up after 30 minutes to 1 hour. And move your body as much as possible, even just gentle walking does wonder.

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It’s best if you could know these things early. You can’t go back and change anything anymore now. But you can always start to make a difference from today, so in another 3 to 5 years, you won’t look back in regret as I am doing now.

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